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Jun 15, 2020

Julie Towner is an established entrepreneur with a proven history of scaling companies, by improving business processes, team culture, and brand. Through her dogged negotiation and planning skills learned while she held the position of Production Manager at GAP Inc, overseeing the denim production in the Americas, Julie has found her passion for growing companies through strategic acquisitions. In 2008 she purchased a failing clothing store in St. Louis and within the first year cut overhead by more than 80% and increased margins by almost 60%.

She is currently the owner and CEO of Towner Communications which she acquired in 2015. Founded in 1965, Towner was a well-known Mid Missouri Telecom company, with a deep heritage. In the first year of business Julie and her leadership team expanded the business, with national and international accounts, and increased revenue. This made them the fastest growing women owned telecommunications company in the Midwest. They been able to realize growth year over year through their emphasis on culture and customer experience.

Julie and the company are committed to their community and work closely with several local organizations. Towner is passionate about being a safe place for survivors of domestic violence and women in recovery, working with Amethyst Place and the 100 Jobs for 100 Women program. In 2015 Julie lead the development of the Young Friends of WEN (Women’s Employment Network). She has sat on the Planning Committee for Susan G. Komen’s Rock the Ribbon event, is the 2018-2019 Board President for the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) Kansas City Chapter, and currently holds a PASC seat on a committee for NAWBO. She currently serves on a task force for the State of Missouri to improve their communication infrastructure. Julie is a graduate of Missouri State University, holds a degree from the London Institute the London College of fashion, and the Stanford Graduate College of Business leadership program.