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The BriteVibe Podcast: Live Brite, Live Bold, and share Brite Vibes

Aug 20, 2020

Ed Latimore is a modern-day renaissance man, a best-selling author, professional boxer, speaker, US Army National Guard member hailing from the great city of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

A double major in both math and physics, Ed is one of the most well-rounded men in America. His Twitter and blog are seen by millions of...

Aug 12, 2020

Jeff Brown is a podcaster, mentor, and speaker. His goal: to help you bridge the gap between intention and implementation.

He does this by sharing his professional insights, and the insights of successful people all over the world, on leadership, personal development, productivity, entrepreneurship, and more through his...

Aug 3, 2020

Jared Young is President and CEO at Employer Advantage, an HR outsourcing firm based in Joplin, Missouri. 

Prior to joining EA in 2015, Jared practiced corporate law at a large law firm in Washington, D.C.  He also worked in the healthcare IT industry before attending law school. 

Jared holds a BA in Middle East...

Aug 3, 2020

Michael Higgins is a founding partner of MSP Consulting.  Mike has more than 30-years of business consulting experience helping clients increase performance.

Mike has extensive experience working with businesses to optimize their non-cash payments across many industries and has presented at banking conferences to help...