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The BriteVibe Podcast: Live Brite, Live Bold, and share Brite Vibes

Dec 27, 2022

When high achievers, leaders, and entrepreneurs suffer setbacks owing to multiple challenges in their lives, seldom do they think of changing their energies. In this episode of the podcast, Sheevaun Moran joins us to shed light on on how business leaders can use the ancient principles of energy, to achieve amazing results in their personal and business lives. 

Sheevaun Moran is a business advisor, master coach, quantum energy thought leader and the founder of Energetic Solutions. She uses business principles with energetic techniques to help entrepreneurs, CEOs and leaders bring instant focus and shifts to clarity, purpose and profits. She has helped over 25,000 business leaders through her technique and is the author of the bestseller “Five Essential Energies To Success.”

To learn more about Sheevaun Moran work and her teachings on quantum energy, please visit